Monday, December 29, 2014


Well, I never thought this blog would take on a life of its own!

However, upon discovering that I've had over 500 views in less than two weeks, I realized that I've got to keep this project going!

So, as a "thank you" to everyone who has visited my page, allow me to post the two accounts of the aftermath of the Battle of Lexington and the destruction of the town following the British Retreat to Boston.

According to Loammi Baldwin, major of a Middlesex County Minute Man Regiment "We mustered as fast as possible. The Town turned out extra-ordinary, and proceeded toward Lexington....I rode along a little before the main body, and when I was nigh Jacob Reed’s (at present Durenville) I heard a great firing; proceeded on, soon heard that the Regulars had fired upon Lexington people and killed a large number of them. We proceeded on as fast as possible and came to Lexington and saw about eight or ten dead and numbers wounded.”

However, the extent of damage to Lexington due to warfare was more carefully articulated by Private James Stevens, Captain Poor's Minute Company of Andover (Andover....but actually North Andover). On April 19, 1775, Stevens noted "this morning a bout seven aclok we had alarum that the Reegerlers was gon to Conkord we getherd to the meting hous & then started for Concord we went throu Tukesbary & in to Bilrica we stopt to Polords & eat some bisket & Ches on the comon. we started & wen into Bedford & we herd that the regerlers was gon back to Boston we went through Bedford, we went in to Lecentown. we went to the metinghous & there we come to the distraction of the Reegerlers thay cild eight of our men & shot a Canon Ball throug the metin hous. we went a long through Lecintown & we saw severel regerlers ded on the rod & som of our men & three or fore housen was Burnt & som hoses & hogs was cild thay plaindered in every hous thay could git in to thay stove in windows & broke in tops of desks we met the men a coming back very fast we went through Not- emyf & got into Cambridg we stopt about eight acloke for thay say that the regerlers was got to Chalstown on to Bunkers hil & intrenstion we stopt about two miles back from the college"

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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